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Dear Stakeholder

It was brought to our attention that some stakeholders could not view the “Complaints” Tab on the Website “Contact Us” page. We have escalated the matter to our website developers and are happy to confirm that we have modified the contrast colouring so that it is now clearly available on all browsers.

For your reference the website colouring and contrast has not be changed since its creation and, as per this blog entry, we invited all stakeholders to give suggestions for changes and improvements.

The website was voluntarily created in an attempt to improve communication and to simplify the complaint procedure. We actively monitor its activity and record all complaints even if they are  logged via the Suggestion Tab or General Comments Tab. We would also like to add that that there is a dedicated complaint’s email ( which can be used as an alternate method to log complaints.

Lastly we would like to re-iterate that the website is a work in progress and we therefore welcome all suggestions that will facilitate easier use and functionality.

Kind Regards

Hout Bay Fishmeal Factory Management