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Dear Stakeholder

Following the blog entry as at 29 February 2016 we are happy to advise that we have concluded the consultation phase between the Licensing and Competent Authority which was initiated by Oceana in November 2015.  This was followed by a formal application as submitted by Oceana in December 2015 which catalysed comprehensive communication between Oceana and the Licensing Authority within the first quarter of 2016. In March 2016 post consultation with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Developmental Planning, the City of Cape Town confirmed formal authorisation for the scrubber replacement.

As communicated in the previous blog entry and as per Oceana’s formal communication to the City of Cape Town, the new scrubber will take 6 months for  design finalisation, material ordering and construction  as well as installation. The unit will be installed within the last quarter of 2016 post submission of final design drawings and process layouts to the Air Quality Officer.

It must be noted that the fishmeal factory currently has a fully functioning chemical scrubbing system in use whose efficiency has been verified by independent analysis of exiting gaseous streams. As such the new scrubber is an upgrade of the previous scrubber and can be thought to be analogous of a revised computer operating system which, may potentially be more efficient but, cannot completely eliminate the smells associated with fishmeal production.

Further updates regarding the chemical scrubber installation will be communicated to stakeholders via the fishmeal factory blog.

Kind Regards

Hout Bay Fishmeal Factory Management