All of our fishmeal and fish oil is processed from small pelagic fish with the aid of indirect steam drying technology in order to produce high quality fishmeal with protein ranges between 64 to 72%. Read more about our process.

Our South African plants have also implemented FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme), which is a third-party assurance scheme that ensures the principles of Hazard Analysis (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice are adequately applied during the production process. There are rigorous controls at each stage of the supply chain that meet standards currently recognised as international “good practice” and which maintain the safety and specification of the feed ingredients supplied. The fishmeal factory is the first South African factory to be IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO-RS) certified (click to view a list of IFFO-RS certified plants). IFFO recognises the importance of responsible sourcing, responsible production and responsible supply practices.

There are strict in-house quality control systems in place with frequent verification of results in our own laboratories ensuring effective process control. In addition batches of fishmeal are sampled on-line and analysed by an independent inspection agency in an accredited laboratory according to our customers’ requirements.

We produce fishmeal with high quality standards requiring fresh whole fish to be processed with the addition antioxidant to stabilise the finished meal. Our final product ranges in grading with our Super Prime and Prime Product grades able to guarantee a finished product with low TVN, histamine, and other biogenic amines that is high in digestibility. In addition we also produce high quality fish oil which is rich in Omega 3 and 6. We guarantee a combined EPH and DHA value greater than 28 with a low Totox Values less than 30.

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