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Dear Stakeholder

The Oceana Fishmeal Factory can confirm on 4 May 2016 that there was a processing liquid spill into the harbour, from our production facility in Hout Bay. Our emergency response team, who have been trained for this type of event, reacted immediately by encircling the spill with a 40 meter floating oil absorbent boom and treating the deposit with oil absorbent powder.  Emergency response procedures were immediately initiated and work was completed within two hours of the incident occurrence. The incident was also escalated to the relevant authorities at both local municipal and provincial level.

Post investigation regarding the incident we can confirm that an estimated 10 liters of processing liquid which contained a water and fish oil mixture, overflowed into the harbour due to the malfunction of the oil processing equipment. This resulted in the storage tank overflowing and liquid carryover into the air ducting system which was then channeled  into the sea water scrubbing system. Corrective action has been implemented at the factory, with all tanks now being modified in order to prevent carryover into the air ducting system, and thereby prevent any possibility of further spills. We would like to allay any concerns regarding any negative environmental impact as the factory managed to speedily implement emergency response procedures and cleaned up the biodegradable discharge. Inspections of the harbour area post clean up showed no residual liquid in the bay.

It is important to note that the spill was as a result of an irregular and upset processing condition at the factory and that corrective action has been taken so as to verify no repetition of the incident.

Kind regards

Hout Bay Fishmeal Factory