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Dear Stakeholder

On 18 January 2016 the Hout Bay Fishmeal Factory hosted a Stakeholder Meeting which included key Management as well as Staff Union (Food and Allied Worker’s Union (FAWU)) and Non-Union Representatives. Other stakeholders that were in attendance were Roscoe Jacobs (RJ) from the Hout Bay Civic Association (HBCA), Dennis Steggink (DS) who is the Chairman of Hout Bay Residence and Ratepayers Association (HBRRA) and Gregg Louw (GL) and Jan Lewis (JL) who are representatives of the Peace and Mediation Forum (PMF).

The premise of the meeting was to include key stakeholders who are representatives of the greater Hout Bay in order to facilitate more comprehensive communication and understanding between the factory and the community. This will ensure that all stakeholders receive accurate information regarding the factory, its operations, systems as well as changes that are made due to strategic and operational requirements. All stakeholders that were present are key representatives of recognised organisations within Hout Bay. They are mandated by the communities that they represent and it is therefore their responsibility to accurately report discussions and to give feedback to their constituents.

The factory operates in an industrially zoned area which is a proclaimed fishing harbour and operates in line with its permits and licenses. As fully documented in our journey, the factory has evolved and updated its equipment over the past few decades.

This includes:

  • Direct to Indirect Steam Dryers
  • Adoption of sea water and chemical scrubbing and gas combustion
  • Installation of a 3 stage Waste Heat Evaporator which replaced the traditional Stick Water Plant
  • Enclosed fish pit area

The factory which is in operation for almost 6 decades has continuously improved over time, and aligned with international fishmeal businesses, but it still cannot completely eliminate the smells associated with fishmeal production.

In order to continue to ensure the adherence to international best practises the community stakeholders were advised that factory has applied via the Competent and Licensing Authority for authorisation to upgrade the existing chemical scrubber. This is in the process of being finalised.

It must be noted that the new scrubber will be a replacement of the existing scrubber. While it may, due to improved design and layout further minimise smell, but will not completely eliminate all associated fishmeal smells.

More details regarding the Chemical Scrubber will follow in the next blog post.

With Kind regards

Hout Bay Fishmeal Factory Management